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Personalising your respite kid’s space

Make this a fun family adventure while creating a little abode just for the little one!

Privacy is paramount

All children need to have their own personal space. It is a safe haven that they can call their own, where they can truly be themselves whether they are playing, exploring or just being alone with their thoughts. They may not be able to have their bedroom (especially if there are space constraints in your home) but it is oh so important that the respite child feels like there is a part of the house that belongs to him or her. You are, after all, still a stranger to them.

All in the details

Having a room or a space just for your respite child is only the first step. It has to be furnished and decorated well enough to feel like cosy. Making the room truly theirs requires you to listen and understand their personality and aesthetic tastes. Integrate their personality into the design of their room. It can be anything from a poster of their favourite singer or superhero or even a colour they like.

Old is Gold

Who says everything needs to be spanking new? Recycling old items is a cost-effective, easy way to turn old furniture in your spare room from old and gloomy to fun and inviting. Dig out those old lamps, pull out that beautiful rug you’ve banished to storage. There’s a little guest in the house and it’s time to decorate!

Adding splashes of colour

No child likes a boring, dull, dark room. Breathe a little life into the space by adding wall friendly decals. You could even put up other decorative accents such as frames of nice pictures, macramé decorations and the like. The world is your oyster! Alternatively, vibrant bedsheets, faux or real potted plants and patterned toy boxes light the room up with playful pops of colour and hey, they are pretty useful.

Beyond personalising the room, what makes that space an abode is knowing that the people beyond the confines of that space are friends that they can invite in at any time. Make a friend out of your respite kid today!


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