What We Do

Provide respite care for a period  up to 90 days for infants and children up to 8 years of age in a family-based environment

Help connect you to the appropriate services 

Provide ongoing support for parenting and socio-economic issues 

Work closely with you and your support network to ensure the safety and stability of your child

Support weekly access between you and your child

Who We Help

Our clients are usually low-income families with poor/no social support system.

These includes:

•    Medical emergencies
•    Caregiver Mental Health
•    Transitional Needs 
•    Financial difficulties
•    Short term incarceration 
•    Teenage pregnancies

Sanctuary Care works with the family and community social workers to ascertain the duration of placement and needs of the family. Our partners include Family Service Centres (FSCs), hospitals, and shelters.