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Our Respite Carers: Heroes in Their Own Right

  • Our respite carer families come from all over the world

  • They share a love for children and want to provide respite children with a safe and happy environment in order to support a family through a crisis

  • They commit to supporting weekly access and providing updates so that respite children remain connected with their own families despite being apart

  • Their service is purely voluntary and they receive no stipend

  • They have undergone an assessment process of a home assessment, 2 to 3 interview sessions, and a panel discussion

Eligibility Criteria

  • 28 years old and above

  • Minimum household income of $3,000 (nett)

  • Residing in Singapore for at least the next one year

  • Experience in caring for children

  • Willing to provide a child-safe environment 

  • Willing to work with the Sanctuary Care Team and other professionals 

How To Apply

Interested to be a respite carer with Sanctuary Care?

You may enquire via the button below and we will respond to you within 3-5 working days. 

Should you have further clarification, please email us or call us at 6221 0588 / 9177 3122.

Care for a child today to give a family a tomorrow.

Testimonials of Respite Carers


Keren Priyadarshini

Seeing mothers fighting against all odds for their children, who are learning to survive given the extreme conditions is very motivating. That's another reason why I am a respite carer.

shutterstock_1513734113 (1).jpg

Patricia Tan

It gives me great comfort to know they (Sanctuary Care) are journeying with me, and they are always just a call away should I need help or advise.

Katherine Thayre

For us, having a house filled with children playing and being happy brings us great joy.  It feels like a small effort on our part which brings great benefit to another family. 

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