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Festival of Children (F.O.C.) (NEW!)

This 2022, Boys’ Town Sanctuary Care is launching a new event – Festival of Children (F.O.C.)! F.O.C. is a 2-hour event where families will be able to collect new items such as baby highchairs, milk bottles, clothes, toys, books and other essential items. Mint condition pre-loved items such as baby equipment, strollers, children’s clothes, educational toys are also available.

In addition, multiple programs for parents and children are organised so that the whole family will have a fun-filled and meaningful time.

Who can participate in F.O.C.


Per Capita Income of $850 and below

Calling for donations

We are currently collecting donations for our upcoming F.O.C!

Items include:

New items:

  • Undergarments

  • Diapers

  • Assorted books

  • Assorted baby products

  • Assorted toys

  • Legos

  • Shoes


Pre-loved items:

  • Educational toys

  • Clothes

  • Assorted baby products

  • Baby chair

  • Baby equipment

Collection dates and time: Apr 18 - 6 May 2022, 9am - 6pm

Address: Boys' Town (624 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678212)

*Please note that all items must cater to boys and girls aged between 0-7 years old.

Milk and Diaper Run (MDR) 2019-2021

Sanctuary Care started MDR in 2019 with the aim to ensure that no families and children are left behind. This is an annual campaign whereby Boys' Town Sanctuary Care would provide formula milk and diapers to low-income families through Family Services Centres (FSCs), and Social Service Agencies (SSAs) that help reach out to them.​


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Helped 475 low-income families

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Partnered with local social service agencies to provide their clients with formula milk and diapers

Who Can Seek Assistance for Milk and Diaper


Per Capita Income of $850 and below

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Each child will be given up to 4 packs of diapers and 2 tins of milk

(may vary according to the household's needs)

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