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What does Sanctuary Care do again?

Sanctuary Care provides short term care and shelter for children while their caregivers manage crisis in their life. The goal is that, with the additional support, parents and caregivers are able to effectively address issues in their life and have the strengthened capacity to provide the best care for their children.

Sanctuary Care is an agency that works with a pool of respite carers to ensure that while parents manage their personal crisis, their children receive the level of care that any child should receive. That means that the child will attend school, play and interact with other children, and experience life in a happy family environment (albeit, with a different family) as a regular child would. We also ensure that the child's ties with their own family remains unbroken by arranging for the family to have contact with one another at least once a week.

Our team also works with the family's social workers on maximizing the use of resources and support within the community so that the parents can resume care of their child as soon as possible.


Need a Hand?

Head down to the nearest family service centre to speak with your family social worker about requesting for help with us. Your family social worker has a broad overview of your family's situation and is in a good position to advise on whether you and your family will benefit from respite care.

Alternatively, click on the chat button to speak a member of our team!

To locate your nearest family service centre, visit:


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