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Will my children be taken away if I put them in respite care?

Our mission is to reunite

Here at Sanctuary Care, our mission is to provide respite care (also known as short-term foster care) for children in need while parents or relatives are rehabilitating following a short-term crisis. Your child will be matched with a suitable Sanctuary Care volunteer foster parent who will provide your child with a safe, healthy and nurturing home environment while you recover. Once you are ready to take care of your child and are able to be their primary guardian again, Sanctuary Care will gladly reushnite you and your child.

Your child comes first

Sanctuary Care’s number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of your child. We will provide you with as many resources as we can — such as a case worker — who will work closely with you, your extended family and community support networks to provide a holistic approach to your child’s care needs.

You will be expected to act on the support provided to you and work towards reuniting with your child by proving that you can provide a stable home environment for your child to return to. In rare cases where parents are not able to provide the necessary assurances within the timetabled period, the matter is referred to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

Who do we help?

We help families going through a short-term crisis. This can range from parents sentenced to a short-term in jail, families who find themselves homeless, a parent grieving the loss of a spouse, a teenage parent needing support, or those feeling burnt out and suicidal.

Short-term cases

Sanctuary Care is a viable option that you can turn to if you are going through a crisis and need assistance to care for your child in the short-term. Please do note that Sanctuary Care does not take on cases where child abuse and neglect is involved. Please refer these cases to MSF Child Protective Services at 1800-777-0000.

The benefits of fostering

Your child’s most formative years are in their childhood. They need a guardian who can provide for their needs and guide them to be well-adjusted individuals. Foster care can be that temporary replacement your child needs if you or your family are unable to provide for them at the given moment. Allowing your child to enter short-term foster care has the following advantages:

Opportunity for rehabilitation and recovery

Life is unpredictable and you as a guardian may suddenly become unable to care for your child. There is no shame in coming forward to say that you are struggling to cope with child-care and everything else in your life. Foster care can be that answer to make sure that your child in safe hands, and that you have the time and space to recuperate and get your life back on track. Think of it as an investment in the security of your child’s future.

Emotional, psychological and mental development

By choosing short-term foster care, you are providing your child with an environment where they can feel a sense of belonging, where they’ll be able to talk, listen, cry and laugh with other people who care about them. With foster care, we do our best to ensure that your child’s emotional, psychological and mental development doesn’t become stunted in your absence. The process of separating a child from their parent can be a traumatising experience if it is not handled with properly. At Sanctuary Care, we ensure that the foster process is smooth and transparent – with the aim of getting your child’s life back to normal as fast as possible. With our trusted social workers, your child’s development and wellbeing is in good hands.

Reliable caretakers

Our short-term foster parents are strictly vetted and put through stringent background checks to make sure that they are more than qualified to not only care for your child, but to ensure that they continue growing and learning.

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