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What you need to know before placing your child in respite care

Here at Sanctuary Care, our mission is to provide temporary care for children in need while parents or relatives are working hard to get back on their feet. Once you are ready to have your little one back, Sanctuary Care will gladly reunite you and your child.

Your child’s safety comes first

Sanctuary Care’s number one priority is the safety and well being of your child. That’s why we have a dedicated team who will work closely with you, your extended family and community support networks to take care of your child’s needs while you get back on your feet. You will need to be contactable and open to working closely with our team so that we can ensure that your child does not have a distressing experience in respite care.

Because your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us, in rare cases where the child’s parents are believed to cause danger to the child, or neither the caregivers or Sanctuary Care are able to care for the child, the matter will be referred to the Ministry of Social and Family Development to assist.

Reliable caretakers

The process of separating a child from their parent can be a traumatising experience if it is not handled with properly. That’s why we are very meticulous in getting as much information as possible to ensure we know enough about your child to match him or her with a suitable Sanctuary Care respite care family. We believe in the importance of placing your child with a respite care family who is capable of meeting your child’s needs. Our respite carers are strictly vetted and put through stringent background checks to make sure that they are more than qualified to provide more than just basic care for your child. Supported by our trusty social workers, your child’s well being is in good hands.

Get back on track

Life is unpredictable and you may suddenly face odds that are overwhelming. There is no shame in coming forward to say that you need a little support. We cannot help you fix your problems but we can help you with interim childcare while the people who can help assist you in addressing the issues you have at hand.

Our support comes in the form of ensuring that your child in safe hands and is still going about his or her daily routine as much as possible. Our support also promises that you have consistent contact with your child, through updates and family time for the period that they are staying with a carer. Our awesome respite carers are like babysitters in times of need, and very often they do so much more than just provide child care.

The best you can do for your child is to manage the issues you are facing with the help of the social workers and other help you get. It is a painful task and we understand this. However, settling the problems you have as soon as you can ensures that your child comes back to you as soon as possible. Trust us when we say your child’s favourite part of respite care is returning home to you.


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