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Outreach Activities Respite Services (OARS): Art Jamming!

This year, Sanctuary Care officially launched the Outreach Activities Respite Services (OARS) program – ART JAMMING. The program provides self-fulfilment and socio-psychological needs of the children from families in-need through developmental and activity-based care.

Look what went down last Saturday, 06 Mar 2021! Thanks to various partners from Family Service Centres who registered their clients to participate in this program. The participants got to explore their passions while their parents/caregivers received a respite and had a good rest! We saw how expressive the children were while doing splatter art and painting on their individual tote bags! They were given a good 3 hours to be fully in-charge of their creativity and imagination. Kudos to all participants!

Stay tuned as we have more sessions in the upcoming months!


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