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Hort Park Adventure Time

Infuse your mind with greenery and freshen up!

Hort Park is located in Southwestern part of Singapore, a few stops away from Labrador Park MRT Station. It is generally a wonderful place for people who love seeing the greenery and has an interest in gardening. The place is surrounded by plants (obviously), and it is just a nice place to have a walk and maybe have a small picnic. There are English-style garden and cottage, and obviously a fun playground for children.

I really want to highlight this particular place in Hort Park, the Nature Playgarden! It is not your regular outdoor play space for children. This free outdoor playground especially encourages and helps children to be more close to nature. You’ll find your children naturally getting close to all the greenery. Children will get to play with different branches and twigs and even build a small hut for themselves.

There is also a valley made with logs, and a water stream that flows through channels from curved logs. Children can get some exercise by exploring through the valley, feeling the stream of water, walking on steps and crossing decks made with logs. Your children can also develop their ears for music with hanging bamboo poles that chimes whenever a wind blows and by shaking a percussion made with seeds.

Although this exciting playgarden is open at evening and night time, we strongly recommend you visit there during day time for children’s safety!


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