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Am I going to lose my child?

No. Sanctuary Care was conceived as a means of providing a family with a support system, not a replacement parent.

It takes a village to raise a child so don't expect that you have to do it all by yourself.

Our service is voluntary in nature. We will only place a child in respite care with the consent of the custodial parent. Parents are also encouraged to have contact with their child or have their child back home at least once a week during the course of respite care.


Need a hand?

Head down to the nearest family service centre to speak with your family social worker about requesting for help with us. Your family social worker has a broad overview of your family's situation and is in a good position to advise on whether you and your family will benefit from respite care.

Alternatively, click on the chat button to speak a member of our team!

To locate your nearest family service centre, visit:


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