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For Case Referrals

Not a replacement parent, but a support system.

Requirements to Receive Respite Care

  1. Both parents/long term (LT) carer givers are not able to care for the child for a short duration 

  2. LT caregiver for the child must be identified 

  3. Duration and reason for placement must be stated

  4. LT caregiver must commit to working with social service agencies, such as a family service center, who can assist them long term, where necessary 

  5. LT caregiver must commit to have regular contact with the child

  6. LT caregiver must work closely with Sanctuary Care staff to ensure that the child can return to their care as soon as possible


A 2-Step Process

Step 2

Upload Social Report

To refer a case, please upload your social report with your name_agency_case name e.g. jane_sanctuarycare_leeseokwoon

*If you're unsure whether your client is suitable, you could email or call us at and 9177 3112 respectively to have a discussion with a member of our team. 

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