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Respite Carers:

Heroes in Their Own Right

The journey of a respite carer is not an easy one but it is filled with excitement, fulfillment and purpose. 


As a respite carer, you will be opening your home to a child (or children) for an agreed upon duration. Our respite carers are expected to care for and provide for the child like they would their own. After all, this child belongs to a family who love him or her very much.


Time away from home can be daunting for any child. That is why our respite carers are required to support regular contact between the child and their birth family.

Because of our respite carers, many families were able to resolve crisis with a peace of mind that their children were well cared for.

Care for a child today to give a family a tomorrow.

Support newborn babies and children up to the age of 8

Short term care arrangements lasting up till 90 days



28 years old & above
Preferably be married
Minimum household income of $3,000 (nett)
Residing in Singapore for at least the next one year
Experience in caring for children
Willing to provide a child safe environment
Willing to work with the Sanctuary Care team & other professionals
Willing to support a child in returning to his/her family

For Respite Carers

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